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WINDOW Cleaning and more


We are domestic and commercial window cleaners who not only clean windows.  We can clear gutters, solar panels, patios and driveways.  We can also clean fascia and soffits to get them back to their best.  Our staff are professional and take care of your property, making sure they don’t disturb you.


Domestic window

We can clean the windows on all types of residential properties to make them gleam. We use traditional methods and a water fed system to clean all types of windows including modern double glazing and older style lead windows.  We can also effectively clean conservatories with long reach poles.

Commercial Window Cleaning

For any business first impressions are vitally important.  Having dirty windows and a unkempt external appearance will not create the right image for potential clients and customers.  We can clean the windows on all types of commercial premises including care homes, offices, schools, shops, restaurants and pubs.

other services

We don’t just clean windows

driveways and patios

Professionally cleaning your driveway will immediately improve the curb appeal of your property.  This is especially important if you are planning to sell your home.

Our patios can get a lot of use and keeping them clean greatly improves the appearance of your garden, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space.

We use our high tech machines to get your driveway and patio back to it’s best.


gutter cleaning

Your guttering can easily get filled with debris and leaves.  If your gutters become damaged this could affect the structure of your property, leading to damp and other issues.

We can use our powerful vacuums to clear your guttering.  We use long aerospace poles so we don’t need ladders and scaffolding. 

We recommend clearing and cleaning your gutters at least once a year and more frequently if you have trees close to your property.

Solar panel cleaning

Dirty solar panels can lose up to a quarter of their efficiency.  Keeping them clean will keep their output high.  We can use our specialist equipment to ensure they are cleaned to a high standard.

Fascia & Soffit cleaning

Your fascia and soffits can easily get tired and dirty.  If they are not properly maintained it could lead to damage to your property.  Thoroughly cleaning your fascia and soffits can greatly improve the appearance of your house and prolong their life.  We can clean them to get them looking great again. 

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